Active 1: Life Lessons Through PE

Active 1 is an invitation only ‘Xtra’ curricular  sports club at Wilmslow High School that provides students with lower ability, low self-esteem and/or a variety of special educational needs the opportunity to become more confident within themselves and their new educational environment. Numbers are limited at this club which gives the students more time and space enabling them to be more composed when participating in sporting activities which in turn can hopefully transfer across the curriculum into all of their lessons and their everyday life.

This club works in harmony with core PE lessons at WHS to increase the enjoyment of physical education for the students involved and it also allows the successful integration of these students into mainstream PE classes where they can be confident enough to improve and achieve with their fellow peers. There is a great team spirit within the group with an big emphasis on fun, social skills and basic movement and coordination skills rather than competitiveness.

A Happy Bunch: The Active 1 Gang with Mr Taylor & Mr Riley

A Happy Bunch: The Active 1 Gang with Mr Taylor & Mr Riley

Originally this ‘Xtra’ curricular club was designed for key stage 3 students only, but now our original cohort have progressed so muchas they have entered key stage 4 they now act as mentors for the younger Active 1 students to aid their transition into secondary school life.

Active 1 is very popular and is now entering its 6th year.

We would love to hear from schools offering a similar PE experience for their young people.

Glenn Taylor

Wilmslow High School Learning Support Assistant (PE specialist)