The Sutton Trust Report: What Makes Great Teaching?

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A new report from the Sutton Trust has reviewed the evidence around successful teaching practices. Here is their summary of the report, some ‘take away’ key points and various links to its reception in the media and blogosphere.

The Sutton Trust’s Summary

“This report reviews over 200 pieces of research to identify the elements of teaching with the strongest evidence of improving attainment. It finds some common practices can be harmful to learning and have no grounding in research. Specific practices which are supported by good evidence of their effectiveness are also examined and six key factors that contribute to great teaching are identified. The report also analyses different methods of evaluating teaching including: using ‘value-added’ results from student test scores; observing classroom teaching; and getting students to rate the quality of their teaching.”

Quick Take Aways

Deemed Effective

  • (Pedagogical) content knowledge
  • Quality of instruction
  • Classroom climate
  • Classroom management
  • Teacher beliefs
  • Professional behaviours

Deemed Less Effective

  • Using praise lavishly
  • Grouping students by ability
  • Addressing low aspirations and confidence before teaching content
  • Presenting information to students in their preferred learning style
  • Allowing students to discover key ideas for themselves
  • Encouraging re-reading and highlighting to memorise key ideas

 Links to its Reception

Certainly, the report both challenges many of our everyday practices as teachers and offers some serious thinking points.  We’d love to know what you think so please remember to leave a comment below!