The core purpose of assessment for learning is to enable both the teacher and student to work together to assess the student’s knowledge, what she or he needs to learn to improve and extend this knowledge, and how the student can best get to that point.

AfL occurs at all stages of the learning process!

Assessment for Learning Strategies

In the presentation above , Mike Gershon  has collated 70 ways to incorporate AfL strategies, or formative assessment, into your daily teaching to ensure that both you, as the teacher, and the student have an ongoing understanding of the students’ current knowledge and can subsequently co-construct the students’ next steps for future success in their learning.

The AfL Guru: Dylan William

For further information, please refer to Dylan William’s website.  William is the original AfL guru and on his site you can find his research papers from 1994 to 2012, his publications, useful links and resources to aid your deployment of assessment for learning in the classroom.

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