Kahoot: The free game-based learning platform as trialled by science – Caroline Raven

Kahoot is platform for creating and sharing online interactive, multiple choice quizzes.

kahoot in action

It is free to sign up for an account in order to find, create and set quizzes for your classes.

Students do not need an account. This means set up time is minimal. They can play the quiz using smartphones, tablets or computers.

In essence, as a teacher you need to set up an account (this requires only your name, email and a password). Once logged in you will have access to 8.5+ million quizzes made my other users.

These are called “public kahoots”. So far I have found science quizzes relevant to all key stages and specifications.  Outside of the classroom I have found logo, music and general knowledge quizzes to play with friends and family (!) Alternatively, you can create your own quizzes. The platform supports audio, video and picture content for questions.

Once you have created your quiz you can then share it with the public and, most importantly, colleagues.

How to play

Once you have selected a quiz click “play” and select whether your class will play as individuals or teams.

A unique pin appears, students visit Kahoot.it on their device and enter this pin plus their name/team name.

Once logged in you can begin the quiz. Each question is timed. Students play by pressing the correct button on their screen. Feedback on class performance plus top 5 is provided after each questions.


Pros: minimal planning and preparation; use in pre and post testing; all subjects and abilities; a fast and engaging resource.

Cons: requires device and internet access; difficult to control if using mobile devices; signal and connection issues.

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