Teachers’ Toolkit

thinking capPicture

A few quick and simple activities to get students thinking!

Caption Competition

Display an image from which speech or thought bubbles could be generated.  You could relate these to a specific topic you are studying or source these from newspapers, the internet or magazines.  Get students to come up with a caption and justify their comments.

Degrees of Separation

A quick and easy starter or plenary: link two items together in five steps. Here’s a real life example from A2 Chemistry in which students were asked to link pH to a bag of flour.  Here’s what they came up with:

1.  pH = – log[H+] equation

2. Vinegar is acidic so has a low pH

3.  Vinegar goes on chips

4.  Chips go with pie and mushy peas

5.   Pies contain flour!

The more obscure the task the better!

What’s the Question?

Provide students with a possible answer or series of answers relating to the topic being studied (you may wish to throw in the odd random one too).  Sit back and wait for them to provide you with the questions!

Beat the Teacher

The students get the chance to pit their wits against the teacher.  The questions that the students face should be based around the topic studied, whilst the students get to design a series of modern culture based questions that they hope will lead them to victory.  The teacher and challengers can sit out front facing the rest of the class… let the games begin!

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