Great Resources For Dyslexia Awareness Week


This is a great activity for all teachers to try. It aims to help us understand the experience that some of our students experience every day in the classroom. The Learning Support Department are encouraging all form tutors to get their groups to try it too.

Here is the activity and teacher notes.DAW decoding activity
DAW lesson plan-1

The learning styles questionnaire below will also help students (and staff) identify their own strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the way they learn and gain the right type of support.

Learning Styles Checklist Key Stage 3 and 4
Informal Learning Style Inventory Key Stage 5

And finally, here are two interesting articles that aim to develop our awareness of dyslexia and help us to understand how to support students.
Dyslexia and Inclusion
Dyslexia and Sport Article

Thank you to the Learning Support Department for all the resources above.