My SOLO Taxonomy Workshop

  • Below are all the resources from my SOLO taxonomy workshop as presented at Wilmslow High’s Learning Conference 2012
  • All resources have been converted to Slideshare.  Apologies in advance if there are any spelling or grammatical errors in the presentations below
  • A massive thanks to all the teachers on Twitter that I have used for inspiration (and, honestly, adopted and adapted great ideas from!)

If you would like a copy of these resources to adapt for your own teaching purposes please get in touch:


Twitter: @BebbPEteach

1.  SOLO Taxonomy PowerPoint 

2. SOLO Taxonomy Poster

Kindly shared by Tait Coles.  Cracking blog for SOLO taxonomy and Punk Learning:

3. SOLO Station Instructions

4. SOLO GCSE PE Question Generator

5.  Blank SOLO Question Generator (use the SOLO GCSE PE Question Generator for guidance)

6. SOLO Thinking Square Solutions

Use the thinking squares to write down / brainstorm the answers to the questions generated on the ‘SOLO Question Generator’ sheet

7. SOLO Lego Building

8. SOLO taxonomy explained through Lego

9. SOLO Station Review

After each SOLO station was completed time was given to answer the review questions.  These questions were taken from David Didau’s fantastic book, ‘The Perfect Ofsted English Lesson’.

10. SOLO references to explore

Where to find great SOLO teaching ideas and practice…

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