Do our students have a growth or fixed mindset?

Here is a NY magazine article on Carol Dweck’s decades of research on the power of praise and feedback.

Her mantra is ‘praise effort, not intelligence’ which is linked to either a FIXED (natural talent) or GROWTH (if I work hard I can improve) mindset .  Here’s a little visual  to give you more of an understanding:

If this idea strikes a chord with you, then check out her book, Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential or her website here

It is a very simple idea that can have a massive effect on student success in the classroom, on the playing field and life in general!  I think these findings should be shared explicitly with all parents & students at the earliest possible opportunity!

So, let’s make it our resolution to start the 2012 academic year with a growth mindset and transfer this mindset onto our students to help us all improve together.

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